5 Week Course

Week 1 | Find Your Style | Whatever your project, finding, developing and understanding your own style is vital to the success of the interior design of your home. In this session we will talk you through how to kick start this process, suggesting where to look for inspiration, how to work out what you do and don’t like and how to pull these elements  together to build up an idea of your own personal style. This is an invaluable process for anyone about to consider starting a design project.

Week 2 | Plan Your Layout  | The layout of your home is more than just where the furniture goes and we will explain why your layout should accommodate all the activities of a household. We will look at how to ensure the required lighting, storage and space are catered for at the planning stage, talk you through some common misconceptions about the way space should be used and show you some examples of innovative solutions to particular household needs.

Week 3 | Colour Schemes  | Colour is a huge topic and one we could happily talk about at great length! For this introductory talk we will look at how to pull together a colour scheme starting with the paint colours and looking at how they interact with the other elements of your room scheme such as flooring, furniture and fabrics. There are a vast  number of paint options available on the high street so we will help you to navigate your way through the maze to find the correct paint range for you. We will finish by looking at how lighting and colour work together.

Week 4 | Lighting and Technology | Lighting can transform a home and in this talk we will give you an introduction to this fascinating topic. We will work through how to plan your scheme and introduce you to different types of lighting such as accent, task and ambient as well as how to select light fittings. Technology is an increasingly integral part of home design and if you are planning to incorporate this into your own home we will look at some of the options available to consumers such as home cinemas, home automation and security.

Week 5 | Project Management | Managing your own design project can be daunting so in this session we will  introduce you to the stages involved. We will start with a look at how to document the process, how to find good  workmen and how to deal with the ongoing management of a project. We will then look at the importance of budgets and timetables and we will finish with some hints and tips on what to do if things go wrong.

Price: £60, all materials included + a pdf copy of my book; Discover the Designer in YOU!

Location: Croxley, Watford

Overview of Content


The brief contains all the key elements important to the scheme. This requires discussion to gain insight into the

lifestyle and requirements of the space and its occupants. The brief often changes and evolves throughout the

lifetime of the project but a good initial brief is an important key stone to a successful scheme.


Learning how to put together a personal mood board offers a great insight into your personality and the environment in which you would like to live. Typically showing favourite colours, objects, styles and inspirations. Interpretation of your mood board helps to develop and enhance your personal style.


How to prepare a simple floor plan enabling you to make the most effective use of your available space. We will be investigating storage and clutter solutions and looking at the importance of focal points in a room. In order to get the most from your space we must first evaluate and assess the potential of the space.


Learning how to plan a simple lighting scheme, taking into consideration the effects of natural and artificial light. Investigating how to asses the qualities and potential of available light. Looking at decorative lighting and how to simply change the mood and atmosphere of a space with light.


Achieving effective and balanced colour schemes is easy with the use of a colour wheel and some understanding of how colour effects our emotions and sense of well being. We will learn how to use this tool to create wonderful colour schemes. We will also investigate how to create illusions and adjust visual dimensions with colour.


Delving into some of the basic principles of window treatments and soft furnishings. Looking at inventive and

economical ways to create desired effects and embellish your rooms. How to interpret period styles, and effectively combine the old with the new, mixing period with 21st century.


Our weekend workshop will provide you with the knowledge and confidence required to create your own mood board and scheme. The mood boards will draw together elements and information from each section of the course and will be assessed at the end of the workshop.