It’s astonishing how different your home can look when you add the right lighting. Good lighting can create ambience in every room and highlight your home’s best features, so it’s important to choose your lighting scheme carefully.



MARCH, 2017

 Light up your space – lighting in your kitchen 

Lighting can be the difference between creating a spectacular space with great vibes and a dull dingy space. When designing a kitchen, lighting isn’t always top of your priorities – it can often be a second, or even a third thought. But it should be one of the first. Getting the lighting right helps to create a space that’s welcoming, safe and fit for purpose. Using several sources of light creates a layered effect helping you create the perfect vibe for any occasion. Bespoke kitchen designers Harvey Jones have some top tips on how you can light up your kitchen for all occasions.

To make sure you have lighting for all purposes and occasions, you should split up the lighting into categories:

·         Task – for those spaces that require extra illumination to see when food prepping, cooking and serving.

·         Mood – for ...

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 Review | Giant Light Task Floor Lamp from 

The nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling from the trees and autumn's riot of colour fades into the greys of winter. The cooler months are great time for cosying up to the fire with a nice cup of something warm, and when lighting - inside and out - becomes more important.

I had the opportunity to review a lamp from LiteCraft. I love lighting as the lighting can either make or break your room.  I have 3-5 layers of lighting in almost every room, I barelly ever use the downlights as they're just too bright and uncomfortable to look at (I don't have a dimmer switch). I was missing lighting above my dining table, so I started looking for a floor lamp with an arch so I could get some light right above the table, this is when I found this gorgeous 'Giant Task Floor lamp' - it was just what I ...

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JULY, 2016

 A Trick of the Light 

Create an optical illusion at your windows with Style Studio’s new collection of Mirage blinds



Who doesn’t love having the best of both worlds? Now homeowners can enjoy all of the room darkening benefits of a roller blind but within seconds achieve a magical ‘mirage’ lighting effect in their room, with a new collection of window blinds from Style Studio, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of made-to-measure window blinds and curtains.


Light, dark, or somewhere in between…


Mirage blinds by Style Studio make an atmosphere like no other type of blind. They feature alternating panels of solid and sheer fabric that can be used to control light and form the illusion of either striped material or a full block of colour at the window.


Avoid unwanted sunshine glare by positioning the solid panels next to one another to create the ‘mirage’ ...

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MAY, 2016

 5 Ways to bring Light into Windowless Rooms 

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone – a common saying that is certainly true when it comes to dressing and styling a windowless room. You will miss the warmth, colour and light of daylight, the golden hues of dusk and the fresh lighter yellow of the rising sun.

There are, however, plenty of tips and tricks for making a windowless room lighter and more vibrant – so whether you are looking for a quick fix or a longer term solution to grabbing and using as much light in a room as you can, we have five great ideas for you to try…

#1 Glass balustrade on staircases

The hallway can sometimes seem a little dark and dingy. Without a window, the stairs can become nothing more than a thoroughfare through which we dart quickly on our way to somewhere else.

A great ...

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 Lighting from VITA Copenhagen 

Founded in Denmark in 2008, VITA Copenhagen’s brand values are to be simple and sincere - the key to a brighter future. Traditionally a designer would focus purely on the aesthetic, but at VITA Copenhagen the designers are constantly ensuring that all their new designs are compact as well as cutting edge. As such all of their lights are packaged in compact gift boxes, that optimize worldwide logistics and storage costs. In doing so VITA Copenhagen reduce the environmental footprint of all of their products, and the need for storage, a cost saving that is directly transferred to the consumer.




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