We all want our gardens to be miniature retreats where we can go to when we need to relax. So, here’s own to turn your garden into a haven of tranquility.


MARCH, 2017

 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Garden Look Pretty 

Have you ever been in the unfortunate position where you have guests invited for an impromptu BBQ and a quick look outside reveals the garden is a wasteland infested with weeds? Yes, it happens to all of us. Summer is great, but not when your garden is ten-feet high in weeds. Obviously, there is a limit to what you can do in a day, but there are some relatively quick and easy ways to make a garden look better in a hurry.

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Tidy Up

Your garden will never look good if it’s a mass of weeds. Some weeds are actually rather pretty, but the majority are not. Feel free to ignore a few thistles in flower, as they attract butterflies, but ...

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 Creating the Perfect Garden with Artificial Grass 

Gardens can be the perfect place to entertain guests; refreshments on chill, BBQ cooking up a storm, fire pit taking the edge off those cool summer nights. We all love to make the most of our outdoor space but when it comes to maintenance we’re not so keen. Artificial grass creates a stunning feature without having to get our hands dirty. With little maintenance and the look of natural grass, more people are turning to synthetic to create the perfect lawn all year round.


Eliminating a multitude of lawn nightmares such as overgrown grass and shrubs and weeds, artificial grass saves time and effort spent gardening. Mowing, fertilizing and constant watering regimes are no longer necessary as a light hose down will suffice. Grass cleaner is available for a deeper clean, however brushing with a stiff broom will remove any unwanted debris such as dirt and leaves. ...

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 Creating the perfect garden for entertaining 

Creating a great outdoor space for entertainment can be a little daunting especially when you don’t know where to start, but with a little planning and creativity you can create your own garden wonderland that the whole family and friends can enjoy all year round.

Garden specialists Oeco Garden Rooms have many years of experience creating bespoke gardens for their clients throughout the UK and abroad and give us their top tips on creating the perfect garden for entertaining.

Garden Layout is key

Having the right garden layout is key to creating an entertaining space not only during the summer months when the flowers are in bloom but also the winter too; this is where you will see the bare bones of the garden and if the layout is not right it can look bland and untidy very quickly.

Hedges and raised ...

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 Create The Garden Nook Of Your Dreams 

Fancy making your home and garden a bit more eco-friendly this year?  With the Spring/Summer season just around the corner, what better time to start helping to save the environment and making your home more gorgeous at the same time. Small actions at home and in the garden can make all the difference! 

Every garden should have one, and yours is waiting.  And I’m not talking about your garden gnome! I’m talking about that secret and tranquil spot you have always wanted. The one place in the garden that you can hole up in, with a glass of wine or a book. It might be a spot for contemplation or even mediation. It can be whatever you want it to be!  The wonderful thing about creating a nook or haven is that does not mean renovating the entire garden

Choose your spot

It pays to have lived with your garden for a while. ...

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 House Proud: Make the Outside Of Your Home Look Beautiful 


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We spend so much time, money and effort making the inside of our homes look their best. So it makes sense for the outside to look just as good. Not only will great kerb appeal make your home more valuable, even if you’re not selling it- it’s nice to come back to each day when it looks great. When you pull up on your driveway and look at your home, you want to feel happy and proud. If yours isn’t up to scratch, here are a few of the ways you can make it look beautiful.

Tidy Up

Just the simple act of removing things like tools, shoes, bicycles and litter from the front of the house will immediately make it look better. Being in the middle of autumn, you’re probably getting a lot of leaves blowing around the front of your home at the moment. So ...

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 11 Simple Ways For Your Family To Make Use Of Your Garden 

You might be surprised to know that a lot of people don’t use their garden. Despite it being one of the main things buyers look for in a property when they actually move in, they spend little time out there. If you think this is ‘my family’, then it’s time to make a change. After all, there is so much that you can do in the garden that is great for the whole family. As discussed in this article, raking the lawn for just half hour burns over 130 calories. Therefore, gardening is an excellent way to help you to maintain a healthy weight. It’s also perfect for reducing stress if you get outside in the sunshine. The area also offers a lot for kids to do which beats sitting inside on their devices. Here are 11 simple ways for your family to make use of your amazing garden.

Host a ...

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AUGUST, 2016

 The ultimate guide to garden rooms and why they are so popular 

As the popularity of working from home continues, so does the need for a separate working environment away from the hustle and bustle of the main house. Garden rooms have been filling this niche for some time, but now these truly habitable spaces are becoming a popular choice for home owners who want to extend their living space for a multitude of uses including hobby rooms, home studios or even relaxing areas to unwind in their spare time.

Why are garden rooms so popular and what are the benefits of owning one? Here garden room specialists Oeco Garden Rooms talk us through some of the advantages of choosing a garden room instead of the traditional house extension or loft conversion when adding space to your property.

Why choose a garden room?

More space – Garden rooms create additional space without taking up any more room within the ...

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 Fix Up Your Garden The Easy Way 

As one season fades into another, you can be surprised by just how overgrown and shabby the garden looks. Too much sun or too much rain can wreak havoc with your plants. If it’s been windy, you may have a lot of debris and leaves to clean up. And you may have a lot of garden maintenance to consider too. Taking care of a garden is never going to be an easy job. But when you’ve decided enough is enough, what does it take to fix up your garden again?

There are lots of reasons for completely redesigning your garden. You may have just moved into the property. Or maybe you’re looking to increase the value of the property. New kids or new pets will also demand their own space in your garden. Whatever you’ve got there now, imagine what it could be like if you ripped it all out and ...

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JULY, 2016

 7 Ways To Improve Your Garden Security 

We all wants our gardens to be places that we can go to relax and escape from the world. But all too often, our gardens are insecure and vulnerable to thieves. In the UK, garden theft goes up by more than 63 percent in the summer months. So there’s never been a better time to think about garden security. Here’s what to do.

Write Your PostCode On Valuable Items

Your garden is teeming with items that thieves could potentially sell on to the highest bidder. That’s why it’s so important to do everything you can to undermine their efforts. One of the things you can do is write your address and postcode on valuable items, like BBQs with an ultraviolet pen. It’s a long shot: but the BBQ might be returned to you at a later date.


Check Shed Doors For Damage

Sheds are notoriously prone to wear and decay. And this damage can ...

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JUNE, 2016

 Gardening Hacks: Awesome Uses For A Garden Shed 

Garden sheds are known to most as the place where we store tools, gardening and outdoor equipment. However, that’s not all that gardening sheds can be used for. Have you ever wanted you very own spa? An outdoor office or a quiet getaway to or finally start that arts and crafts project you’ve been meaning to do? Then look no further than your backyard! They are also a great way to increase your property value if you’re renovating a property for selling.


Your garden shed could be the answer to all your problems. Here are 5 ideas for transforming a regular garden into your ideal backyard getaway.


1.    A Home Gym


If you love working out but are sick of paying for your expensive gym membership, your garden shed could be the answer. This is a great idea if you don’t ...

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 Step Outdoors with Harbour Living’s Jardin Collection 

Step Outdoors with
Harbour Living’s Jardin Collection.

It’s always great to be outdoors. The sun is shining, the birds are singing; it’s time to get out into the garden and enjoy it! To give you a helping hand, Harbour Living have a beautiful new collection of garden goods, designed to make your tools and accessories as pretty as the plants that they’ll care for.


With six key items in ...

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MAY, 2016

 Pots to pamper your patio with this Summer 

It’s summer and you want to make the most of your outside space – time to become at Instant Gardener.


Take some pots (these are National Trust Flora pots from Woodlodge), grab some multi-purpose compost (available in garden centres and in supermarkets during the summer months) and get planting.


  1. Pick you colour scheme – vibrant pink & purple, flamboyant red & orange or striking white & cream 
  2. Choose contrasting flower shapes – so mix daisy shapes with little fluffy flowers and trumpet shaped petunias for example 
  3. Plant in threes - it provides an instant floral display and will fill each container completely. 
  4. Water your plants the day before you are going to plant them, and then make sure you water them or a regular basis once planted
  5. Enjoy!


National Trust garden planters are available in garden centres and nurseries around the UK.  For stockists go to www.woodlodge.co.uk


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 Choosing a front door that suits your home 

The entrance of a home says a lot about its owners, and the front door makes up a huge part of this impression. A welcoming entranceway will make your house look cosy and inviting, while an old and worn door does not give a good first impression to any prospective guests. Upgrading your front door can not only increase the value of your home, but it also allows you to put a personal twist on the façade of your home and get it looking just as good as your interior. Here are our tips on choosing the perfect front door for your home.

Use your front door to express your personal style

While many of us go to great lengths to express our personality through our interior design choices, we rarely extend this to the outside of our homes. However, the façade is the first impression people ...

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APRIL, 2016

 Stimulate your gardening senses this summer 

Gardening has to be one of the most loved and hated activities, and most of the time the only reason people dislike the idea is because they haven’t actually given it a go. There’s nothing better than tackling your garden after a heavy winter, sprucing it up and reawakening its life and character. Winter can be a bit of a pain when it comes to gardening, as many of us are guilty of neglecting our gardens when there’s nothing but heavy showers and spells of snow. But it’s so easy to get your garden summer ready without spending too much time or money in the process.


Your garden is one of the main features your home, as many can be seen by passers-by and neighbours. Gardens are also a key feature when it comes to selling a home, if you have a neat, tidy garden then ...

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 How Make Your Garden Look Great with Solar Fairy Lights 


Solar Fairy Lights are now no longer a thing just to be used at Christmas time.


With advancements in technology, namely increased efficiency of both solar cells and LED’s, many people are now using these cost effective, LED lights to decorate their gardens all year around.


Whether it be decorating a Pergola, patio, tree or bush, solar powered fairy lights really do make your garden a more enjoyable place, when dusk arrives instead of that rather flat feeling of a disappearing sun, these lights give you something to look forward to.


They can add a real touch of class to any outdoor space, whether friends are over for a BBQ, or you are relaxing with a glass of wine. A set of fairy lights offer a real atmospheric feature.


Easy To Set Up – No Mains


Solar lights have ...

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MARCH, 2016

 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Solar Power 

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Protecting the planet is something all of us should be working together to achieve. With so much emphasis on global warming and melting ice caps, it’s hard not to be concerned and want to help. The easiest way of improving the environment we live in is by saving energy in our homes. While there are many ways you can do this, solar power is becoming the most popular method. It uses energy from the sun converts it into electrical and thermal energy. This can then be using to power and heat your home in a more environmentally friendly way. To further convince you of how solar energy can benefit you, take a look at these three convincing reasons.

It can save you money

Saving money is something that everyone is interested in, particularly when it comes to running their homes. As solar power is a renewable energy, it means ...

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 15 Garden Hacks via ECO Scape 

'If you're a novice gardener, it can be difficult to know where to begin, you may be trying every trick in the book, but nothing is working. Below, Ecoscape have scoured the internet for the best garden hacks to help make your first steps into gardening a little easier. Not only are these genius tricks budget friendly, but they're also super easy to use for any garden enthusiast'.

Credit Ecoscape

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 Throwing the Perfect Garden Party 

Image Credit

Today I noticed a beautiful patch of fully blossomed daffodils on my morning walk to work, and this can only mean one thing, summer is almost here. With the evenings staying lighter, days getting longer and weather slowly becoming warmer it’s almost time to get out your sunglasses and enjoy the gorgeous weather. The atmosphere instantly becomes more positive, everybody has a spring in their step and there’s so much more colour. I just love summer, there’s no better feeling than inviting loads of friends round for a get-together with Pimms, BBQ food and lots of giggles. One of the most exciting parts of summer is the parties, those lovely social catch ups that you can jot down in your diary. Although they are weather permitting, there are so many fun and exciting ways in which you can throw a great garden party for friends and family.

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 Planting Trees for Privacy – What You Need to Know 

php/Thuja Green Giant Trees.jpg

Image Credit

Privacy trees make your yard look great and they offer shade, noise baffling and visual privacy for your family. If you’re thinking of planting a privacy wall, you need to choose the best trees for your yard, so here’s a quick 101 to help you.

Proper planning

Don’t rush into picking any old tree, as once established, they’re hard to uproot and dispose of. Think about their purpose – are they just for privacy, or for colour and texture? If you have a particular vision, this will help you to choose your ideal trees.

How large is your yard?

Where are these trees going and how many will you need? How much of your yardspace will be taken up by the trees? If you only have a small space, you’ll need smaller trees like the emerald green thuja. For bigger yards – and trees – ...

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 6 reasons why you should finish your decking with glass balustrades 

The garden is an important part of your home. When the weather is good, the sun shining and the temperature pleasant, we take to your gardens to enjoy the space.

As a result, many people will landscape their gardens, adding features that make it a far more enjoyable space. The addition of a patio or decking are perfect examples of making a garden more functional and usable. Glass balustrades are the perfect addition too, providing a luxurious look as well as a safety barrier where there is an edge or need for a handrail.

If you have not considered glass balustrades, you may be wondering what they can bring to your garden and decked area.

#1 Safety

The smallest of drops or edges can be a problem when there are children or people with mobility issues using a garden. Safety at the edge of a ...

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