Valentine's Gift Guide 


Indulge in that spa feeling everyday with our lightweight dual waffle 100% cotton robe. Featuring a shawl collar and contrasting waffle weave detail, this robe really stands out from the crowd. | £40 |


Soft-to-the-touch, fluffy white hand towels in combed cotton for that timelessly chic upmarket hotel look.| 100% Pure Turkish Combed Cotton. | 650 gsm | Header Bar Design At Both Ends | 50cm x 100 cm | £9 |


This cleansing and refreshing duo includes a Body Wash and Body Lotion with extracts of Almond Oil, Silk and Champagne. | £12 | 


 Diffuse the stresses of the day with a Landon Tyler Diffuser! 

Less calories than a glass of wine, or a bar of chocolate but equally effective and addictive!

It's time to diffuse the stresses of the day with a Landon Tyler             Diffuser

There’s something quite nice about a constant in your life – whether that’s your morning pick me cuppa up or, the embrace from your loved one as they return from a busy day. So what could be nicer than a constant fragrance that makes your home             aromatically fabulous and helps dissolve away the stresses of the day.

Landon Tyler diffuser offers that solution, unfailing fragrance, from morning till night for about 12 weeks.Created from the quality ingredients, sourced from the UK and Europe, Landon Tyler Scented Diffusers emit enticing scents, to make your senses soar.

Offering Every Day Diffusing magic!
The ingredients to guarantee an aromatically fabulous home may be new and slightly strange to the novice diffuser user, but simply insert the rattan ...

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 Cityscape Wall Art 

These minimal illustrations take on the cities we know and love, and would look stylish in any home wether you've visited these cities or are just planning too. Available in A5,A4 & A3 and printed in striking Copper ink. 


These are all now available from


About the artist:

"Dean Robert Smith takes the pop culture references we all love and pares them right back, representing them in wonderfully clean, minimal illustrations. Inspired by pop culture as well as urban life around the world, the graphic designer started creating his fan art as a counterpoint to his day job in advertising. Having worked across London, Manchester and Amsterdam & Sydney, his work has been featured in publications such as Fubiz, Hypebeast, Shortlist, Gizmodo and DesignTAXI, to name a few."


 Review | Giant Light Task Floor Lamp from 

The nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling from the trees and autumn's riot of colour fades into the greys of winter. The cooler months are great time for cosying up to the fire with a nice cup of something warm, and when lighting - inside and out - becomes more important.

I had the opportunity to review a lamp from LiteCraft. I love lighting as the lighting can either make or break your room.  I have 3-5 layers of lighting in almost every room, I barelly ever use the downlights as they're just too bright and uncomfortable to look at (I don't have a dimmer switch). I was missing lighting above my dining table, so I started looking for a floor lamp with an arch so I could get some light right above the table, this is when I found this gorgeous 'Giant Task Floor lamp' - it was ...

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 Review | Cox & Cox 

When you feel that first crisp breeze, you know that summer is gone and fall is in the air. Every season has its upside; however, autumn has a particular beauty to it. Lovers of the season revel in its unique ability to turn the world into one big canvas with nature’s paintbrush. From warm apple cider to camping trips, there are so many reasons to enjoy fall. Here are five things about the season that will bring out the autumn lover in you.

As a big fan of Cox & Cox, I had the opportunity to review 3 products from their Autumn range, and I went for  one product that I really needed and two that were perfect for Autumn :)

They arrived very quick and were securely packed (which is a must!). 

Maroq Doormat (Just what I needed - an absolute must-have!)

Doormats don't have to be dull! Our hard-wearing coir doormat has a charcoal ...

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 Functional, Minimal and Refined 


Functional, Minimal and Refined. The world’s smallest LED flashlight from SlugHaus is an ideal companion for your keychain and is great for the winter darkness. Perfect for anyone who loves to travel, camping or glamping and those who are often out late at night. It’s the ideal everyday essential made from aerospace-grade aluminum it’s virtually indestructible, and it doesn't stop there with a water-proof design the flash light is no bigger than a pen lid measuring 1 x 3 centimeters and weighing only 6 grams.

Don’t get stuck looking for your lock when your phone battery has died as it’s powerful beam will cats light upon any situation. The flashlight comes with an LED 5mm bulb and a LR41 button cell battery. The LED is currently the most efficient light bulb on the market, with one of these little creations lasting anywhere from ...

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 Personalised and localised Christmas gifts for map lovers everywhere! 

Maps are one of the top homeware trends this year, so great news that expert cartographers Love Maps On, have created a fabulous range of gifts for map lovers everywhere. Offering a contemporary twist on the traditional map and bring a touch of style to everyone’s home.

Here’s a few key lines to whet your appetite!


Custom Map Notebook - £24

Personalise the front cover of this fabulous jotter notepad with an Ordnance survey map or vintage map centered on any postcode in England, Scotland or Wales.


Custom Map Napkins - £38

Centre on a postcode of your choice in England, Scotland or Wales, whether it's your family home or a favourite place they will be totally unique to you. These napkins make a thoughtful and personal gift for special occasions.


Custom OS Map Canvases – From £50

With ...

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 Luxury Fragrances for the Home at very Affordable Prices 

Make your home aromatically fabulous, with our finest quality fragrances at affordable prices. Created from the superb quality ingredients, sourced from the UK and Europe, Landon Tyler Scented Candles and Diffusers bring a burst of fresh scent, to make your senses soar.

The name might not be familiar, but Landon Tyler have been creating sumptuous home scent products for some of the leading names on the high street for decades, 2016 sees the launch of their first direct to- the public collection.

With twelve enticing fragrances available in a range of beautifully presented candles and diffusers, this your chance to find your signature scent – or perhaps to keep your nose on its toes with a fresh fragrance every month!

Our fragrances in words!
  • Wild Berries: - A juicy scent combining cranberries, raspberries, wild roses and sandalwood. 
  • Dark Cashmere: - A masculine cologne fragrance combining vetiver, patchouli, cedar, clove and cinnamon. 
  • Blackberry Soufflé: - A sweet ...

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 Travel Inspired Home Fragrances - T London 





Dimbula – Sri Lanka, Darjeeling – India, Yerba Mate – Argentina have all been special moments in Jayne’s travels.


The champagne of teas, Darjeeling is known for its uniquely bright and optimistic fragrance. The crisp, refreshing blend is inspired by the tea gardens and hill stations of the East Indian Himalayas. Darjeeling revitalises and reawakens the body and mind, no matter how hard the day or how long the journey. Having been blended for positivity it will invigorate you even on the most miserable of British autumn days.


T London fragrances have been captured into candles, reed diffusers and bath and body with skin-friendly formulas that are all up to 99% natural, with no parabens, no SLS/SLES, or artificial colours. Made and formulated in England, reassuringly safe and natural.



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 Ideal World Celebrates The Arrival Of The Vax Cordless Slim Vac With Market Beating Price! 

Revolutionise the way you clean your floors with the Vax Cordless Slim Vac. Created to clean multiple floor types, it glides across both carpets and hard floors without the need for a power cord instead charging in between each use. When fully charged, the Vax Cordless Slim Vac battery will provide enough power to clean all the floors in your home – in one go.

Enhance your cleaning with its ergonomic design, which means it’s perfect for stair, car and upholstery cleaning too. Combined with its dynamic detachable head, you can also tackle those hard to reach areas and give your surfaces the best clean they’ve had.

Lock in the power for a continuous clean with the power latch and then store on the compact wall mount when not in use. Its steerable technology mean the Vax Cordless Slim Vac is a powerful, lightweight ...

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 Best Beach Towel Buys by The Fine Cotton Company 

Investing in a quality beach towel is a wise investment if you want it to last beyond a single trip. These organic cotton beach towels from The Fine Cotton Company not only look fantastic but the high quality yarns make them super absorbent and luxurious.

Forget curling corners stand out from the crowd with this round mosaic blue beach towel - £40 from It’s even big enough to fit the whole family on for a picnic on the beach.

With these bright and bold beauties on offer, losing your beach towel will be a thing of the past. Left to right:  Brights Ombre Beach Towel, Pink Floral Beach Towel and Bright Stripe Beach towel - £30  from  


For the fashionistas this Blue Ombre beach towel - £30 from - is hugely on trend, featuring a graduated ombre design. ...

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GrafoMap map posters make a really unique home decor. On our website anyone can designs a personalized map poster of any place.

Why map posters?

Maps have become a commonplace décor in many interiors not only because of their aesthetic, but their experiential context.

Places – actual, physical locations – tell the stories of our lives. The place where you met your spouse, the place you went to school, grew up, bought your first home. The list goes on. Places are important.

Use Grafomap to...

Surprise loved ones with a custom gift that illustrates their special places and memories

Represent local pride of a small town or neighborhood

Create a custom home décor that sparks conversations


 Picnic Al-fresco 

One of my favourite things about Spring and Summer is picnics. Who wouldn't love a tasty afternoon in the great outdoors enjoying the lovely weather? Picnics need not be only a day time affair. I enjoy dinner picnics and travelling picnics as much as I enjoy a good afternoon picnic. 

I used to have this rather cute, traditional wicker picnic basket - my daughter loved it. Then during our move in 2014, it broke and we had to bid it farewell. 

So earlier this week I had the opportunity to check out HomeSense's 'Al Fresco' range where I fell in love with this modern twist on the traditional wicker basket. It's a bright, colourful and spacious cool bag which is both decorative and functional. Perfect for picnics or Al Fresco dinning!

Designed to keep your food and drinks cool all party long, this cooler also features comfy hand grips and a side pocket for extra ...

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 Review | Paris Poster 

As an Award Winning Interior Designer and someone with a passion for creating Beautiful, Healthy and Happy Homes - I always keep in loop with 'What's new?' and 'What's in?' and 'What's multi-functional'. 

This is when I came across They're a company specialising in wall-art. The idea of their brand is based on the pursuit of beauty, which could occur in the near human space - at home, at school and at work.

I had the opportunity to review a product of choice, and as I am LOVE of Paris, I chose this poster in size 63 inch x 48 inch.

It arrived within a week, in very nice, colourful postal tube 'box'. It was securely pinned, and the poster was nicely wrapped. Once I took it out (took me a few minutes as I it was bigger than I thought - which of course was a BONUS!!!). 

I needed help from my daughter to ...

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 Care Packages - Creating Thoughtful Parcels for Friends and Loved Ones By Michelle Mackintosh 


Published by Hardie Grant Books|19th May|£14.99|Hardback 


In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find the time to stop, think and act when people we care about need us the most. 


Care Packages is here to show you how easy is to reach out and connect with those you love with beautiful parcels filled with thoughtful items tailored for the recipient. Giving doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank: with a little ingenuity, you can create the perfect gift to brighten the spirits, give hope, celebrate and show someone special that you’re thinking of them.


From making music mixes for homesick students and celebrating the arrival of a new baby with an origami mobile, to creating nourishing gifts in the kitchen and wrapping everything up perfectly, Care Packages shows you how to ...

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 Pocket Sized Projection 

Projector to go: Wireless, ultra-compact and bright – Pico-Projector, MobileCinema i70" with Wi-Fi, battery and stereo speakerss.

Introducing the new Aiptek i70 MobileCinema, perfect for business and holidays, the small Wi-Fi projector is the perfect companion for frequent travellers, due to its integrated battery and Wi-Fi support, it is instantly usable without any cables. Data from iOS- or Android devices can be transmitted via Airplay or Miracast to the projector, while other devices can be connected via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and a free app "EZ-Cast” or via mini HDMI.

Lightweight it is just 132 g and compact at 85 mm x 85 mm x 17 mm (L x W x H). It projects 70 lumens of brightness a sharp and high-contrast image of up to 80 inch diagonal with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels on the wall.

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 Review | McBride Cleaning Products 

As a part of The National Spring Cleaning Week in March (I know it sounds ages ago!) I received below products to test out. Check out my reviews below :)

Oven Pride

Oven Pride is the UK’s number one Oven Cleaner, has been approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute and is a Loved by Parents awards winner.

Oven Pride is available at all major supermarkets with an RRP of £3.99

For more information, visit

MY VERDICT: This stuff is unbelievable. We have a horrible old oven which never comes up clean. I used a bottle of Oven Pride and the shelves were basically spotless. There was the odd spot that needed a bit of a scrub but none of the other regular spray on cleaners even come close to this. Totally recommend.

LimeLite Active Gel - 500ml

LimeLite Active Gel is a specially formulated ultra strong gel designed to destroy stubborn limescale deposits and heavy limescale build up. ...

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 Review | Minky Cleaning Cloths 

As a part of The National Spring Cleaning Week in March (I know it sounds ages ago!) I received below products to test out. Check out my reviews below :)

Make light work of the housework with the Minky 2 Microfibre Floral Cloths in Pink or Blue (£1.98 available from Asda). The versatile cloths can be used wet or dry and are a staple in any homecare and cleaning kit.

They are suitable for use on any type of surface, whether disinfecting work tops or dusting household surfaces. The microfibers effectively hold and trap dust giving a better cleaning performance, and the softness of the fibres ensures a streak-free finish every time.

MY VERDICT: Excellent quality as usual with a Minky product. Perfect for my weekly cleaning.


Power through the dishes and remove stubborn stains with the Minky 3D PowerCleaning Cloths (£1.60 available from Asda).

The cloth’s 3D profile is designed to efficiently lift, trap and remove dirt with ease. Its 3D pockets are ...

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 Gorgeous candles from 

Yankee Candle My Serenity Candle Holder & 3 Votive Candles Gift Set

NEW for Spring 2016. 

The perfect gift set to relax and unwind.  

Featuring an elegant Lotus votive holder and three votives candles which burn up to 15 hours each.  

Including the beautiful scents of My SerenityMoonlight and Lemongrass & Ginger, this gift set is perfect for a loved one or as a treat for yourself!

Yankee Candle Pure Essence 5 Votive Gift Set

New for Spring 2016

Five fragrances inspired by the theme of tranquillity presented in beautiful packaging.

Each votive burns for up to 15 hours.

Fragrances included- Shea Butter, White Tea (new), Vanilla (new), Verbena (new) and Aloe Water.


 Review | Dr Beckmann's Cleaning Products 

As a part of The National Spring Cleaning Week in March (I know it sounds ages ago!) I received quite a few cleaning products from Dr Beckmann to test out. Check out my reviews below :)

Hardwood & Parquet Floor Cleaner 1lt - An absolute must for any hard wood floor,just add a capful in a bucket of warm water and mop it on the floor with a floor cloth,dries quickly and gives your floor a lovely sheen finish and it smells good too.

Pre-Wash Stain Devils 250ml - Excellent stain remover especially for collar & cuffs stains. Works well on white work/school shirts collars, also on other general marks on other clothes.

Oven Cleaner 375ml - I've tried probably every household tip, and commercial product out there, and this is by far the best I've found. Just spray on, leave, then wipe off. Really strips grease off, and doesn't have the overpowering ammonia/acid smell of other products. ...

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